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A node.js library for parsing Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) demo files. The library is also Browserify-able, and a standalone bundle that you can <script src="..."> is available in browser/bundle.js.

This library also supports streaming from GOTV broadcasts over HTTP, with DemoFile#parseBroadcast.

⚠️ This library requires Node v14 or later.

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Supported demo features

  • GOTV and POV perspective fully supported
  • Game events (e.g. player_death)
  • User messages (e.g. chat messages, HUD text)
  • Console variables (cvar/convars)
  • Entity updates, server classes, data tables
  • String tables
  • Reading encrypted messages (e.g. chat in public matchmaking demos)
  • Streaming from GOTV broadcasts over HTTP

Running the examples

Getting started is simple:

.../demofile$ npm ci
.../demofile$ cd examples
.../demofile/examples$ npm ci

You can now run the example scripts. Take a look in the examples folder for some scripts to try out. Detailed descriptions of these scripts can be found below in the Examples section below.

If you don't have any demo files to hand, use the demos/ Bash script to download the ones used for testing.

.../demofile/examples$ npx ts-node dumpfile.ts ../demos/pc419-vs-chiefs-mirage.dem
npx: installed 14 in 1.883s
Demo header: {
magic: 'HL2DEMO',
protocol: 4,
networkProtocol: 13753,
serverName: 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive',
clientName: 'GOTV Demo',
mapName: 'de_mirage',
gameDirectory: 'csgo',
playbackTime: 2569.375,
playbackTicks: 328880,
playbackFrames: 164271,
signonLength: 433479



npm install --save demofile


<script src="browser/bundle.js"></script>

The DemoFile module will be available as window.demofile.


Using the dumpfile example:

Example output


Auto-generated API documentation is available at

Class Description
DemoFile Represents a demo file for parsing.

The DemoFile object has properties which point to instances of several other classes that can be used to inspect and listen to changes in the game world:

Class Property Description
ConVars demoFile.conVars Manages console variables. (Only FCVAR_NOTIFY and FCVAR_REPLICATED are available.)
Entities demoFile.entities Represents entities and networked properties within a demo.
GameEvents demoFile.gameEvents Manages game events for a demo file. (e.g. player_death, bomb_defused)
StringTables demoFile.stringTables Handles string tables for a demo file. (e.g. userinfo)
UserMessages demoFile.userMessages Handles user messages for a demo file. (e.g. SayText for in-game chat messages)

There are several classes which allow access to different types of entities (e.g. players, items, props). These are summarised below:

Entity Usage Description
Networkable demoFile.entities.getByHandle
Base class of all in-game entities, even non-renderable entities (e.g. CCSTeam).
BaseEntity Base class of the vast majority of in-game entities (e.g. players, weapons, all other renderable entities).
Player demoFile.entities.players
Represents an in-game player.
Team demoFile.entities.teams
Represents a team (terrorists, counter-terrorists, spectators).
Weapon demoFile.entities.weapons
Represents an in-game weapon (guns, grenades, knifes).
Projectile Represents a thrown grenade projectile (e.g. a flying smoke grenade).
GameRules demoFile.gameRules Represents the game rules and parts of the match state (e.g. round number, is warmup)


This library provides full access to all data available in CSGO demo files. Unlike some other libraries, demofile is feature complete and supports the latest demos. As well as providing high-level APIs to access the state of the game, low-level access is available and is not discouraged.

Note that events are fired at the end of a tick, after all entity props and string tables have been updated.


Various examples are available in the examples folder:

Example Description
join-leave.ts Print all players that join and leave the game during the course of the demo.
molotov.ts Prints the location of molotov/incendiary grenade explosions.
paintkits.ts Collects paint kits of each weapon that is used in a kill.
plant-site.ts Prints which player planted the bomb and at which site.
purchases.ts Prints which items are purchased by each player.
rank.ts At the end of the game, prints all player ranks.
scores.ts Prints team scores after each round.
tickrate.ts Prints demo tick rate and duration in seconds.
trajectory.ts Prints grenade trajectories and who threw them.
⚠ Advanced: dumpfile.ts Advanced example of recreating coloured chat messages, round scores and the kill feed.

Print kills

const fs = require("fs");
const demofile = require("demofile");

const demoFile = new demofile.DemoFile();

demoFile.gameEvents.on("player_death", e => {
const victim = demoFile.entities.getByUserId(e.userid);
const victimName = victim ? : "unnamed";

// Attacker may have disconnected so be aware.
// e.g. attacker could have thrown a grenade, disconnected, then that grenade
// killed another player.
const attacker = demoFile.entities.getByUserId(e.attacker);
const attackerName = attacker ? : "unnamed";

const headshotText = e.headshot ? " HS" : "";

console.log(`${attackerName} [${e.weapon}${headshotText}] ${victimName}`);


/* Outputs:

HS [cz75a HS] flusha
Lekr0 [ak47 HS] friberg
KRIMZ [ak47] HS
JW [mac10 HS] Mixwell
JW [hegrenade] HS
JW [mac10 HS] Magisk


Print player information when it changes

const fs = require("fs");
const demofile = require("demofile");

const demoFile = new demofile.DemoFile();

demoFile.stringTables.on("update", e => {
if ( === "userinfo" && e.userData != null) {
console.log("\nPlayer info updated:");
console.log(e.entryIndex, e.userData);


/* Outputs:

Player info updated:
0 {
xuid: Long { low: 0, high: 0, unsigned: false },
name: 'ESEA SourceTV',
userId: 2,
guid: 'BOT',
friendsId: 0,
friendsName: '',
fakePlayer: true,
isHltv: false

Player info updated:
1 {
xuid: Long { low: 32578248, high: 17825793, unsigned: false },
name: 'PC419 m0nt-S-',
userId: 3,
guid: 'STEAM_1:0:16289124',
friendsId: 32578248,
friendsName: '',
fakePlayer: false,
isHltv: false

[repeated for other players]

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Please read the Contributing Guidelines to learn how you can help out on the project.

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